A social app that’s yours,


Here’s a decentralized social app where you can discover the right people and products based on every thread of your personality

A social app that’s yours,


Here’s a decentralized social network where you can discover the right people and products based on every thread of your personality

Our four main threads

Own your Social Network Woven with Your Own Personality

Reclaim ownership of your connection with Twine’s patented personality infused, AI powered social graph

Weave Together Online

Be an influencer or be influenced by amazing, like-minded individuals no matter how small your circle

Benefit From Tailored Recommendations

Your tokenized personality traits will help Twine tailor recommendations for the top people, products, and professionals collabs for you

Craft Connections, Earn ETH

Earn ETH as you create meaningful connections

Why is your personality important?

Your personality can define your habits, compatibliity, inclinations and your biases. Twine’s AI powered social graph predicts your compatibility with people for collaborations, friendships and relationships.

Your Circle,
Your Rules

Our proprietary AI uses the personality scores to analyze who’d be compatible within your social circle. Because this is a social network, you have full control of how you create connections within your circle or community.

Your Own Unique Personality NFT

Twine creates a unique personality archetype based on the intertwined threads of your personality scores. This is unique to you, and you’ll also see the personalities of your circle members!

COMING SOON: Personality-based Recommendations

You can opt-in to give your interests, preferences, and other future indicators to brands who want to learn more about you and your circle. In turn, you’ll be earning ETH for sharing your personality.

Be a part of a growing community!

Soon, you can mint and earn ETH with your social circle.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the use cases of the project?

Using our personality AI (the social graph), Twine predicts a person’s compatibility for collaborations, friendships or even dating! 

Our AI-powered Social Graph can be utilized for advertisers that want to publish their products and services.

The NFTs of Twine will act as the medium for a social circle’s growth

What is a Personality NFT

A personality NFT is a unique identifier of a user based on the personality type it generates. The personality NFT has the capability of earning ETH over a certain cycle.

How does Twine use personalities?

Twine uses a personality test to create a unique profile for a user. It takes into account 4 “personality color scores” to determine the level of red, green, blue, and yellow “traits” of a user.

How do I mint an NFT?

After creating an account in Twine, connect your wallet, and then proceed to purchase the NFT.

How do I earn ETH?

You will earn ETH by purchasing your own Personality NFT. The ETH rewards are based on the size of your circle.

Can I earn ETH from other referrals?

At this current stage of the project, a user can earn ETH based on the size of the circle. Referrals currently are not included in the computation for ETH rewards.

Can I earn ETH without minting the NFTs?

You cannot.

How will Twine’s social graph work for brand advertisers?

Through Twine’s social graph, we will create a new avenue for advertisers to publish their products and services based on the fundamentals of your personality. Users can opt-in to give their interests, preferences, and other future indicators to brand advertisers. And yes, users can do this while earning ETH.

What data is stored by the Twine app?

Twine is a decentralized social network. We will not be storing any of your personal data, including your name, social media handles, e-mails, and the like.

Twine will receive your personality scores and your nominated dWallet, which will then be stored on the cloud, before it is stored on-chain through your unique NFT. Read our Privacy Policy here.

How can I participate in the growth of the project?

Follow our conversations in Twitter, Discord, and continue growing your network!